On the eve of my 23rd birthday at 2 am I had some thoughts about life so far. These aren't life lessons or milestones or a brag-a-thon. This is literally just "stuff" about me. Read at your own risk.

1) I've had the privilege to work, study and live in three of the world's greatest cities.

2) I always thought home was one place. Then I realized you can have multiple places called home. Then I realized that the place isn't home but the people are home. THEN AGAIN I realized that people move and you are left behind and if you feel okay - then you are at home :)

3) In the words of Lorelai Gilmore, "Do you like coffee?" " Only with my oxygen".

4) Jackfruit carnitas is just plain sad. But you know what's sadder? Vegan cheese.

5) Sometimes you will have to schedule laundry. And most of the times you will forget it till you run out of bikini bottoms as back up underwear.

6) I will always need 7 alarms and 3 cups of coffee no matter what time I go to bed at night.

7) Parmesan cheese is a great midnight snack.

8) Pondering in the balcony while eating parmesan cheese is a great midnight activity while you write down your random thoughts. Till you hear rustling in the bushes and run inside.

9) Do something you used to do 5 years ago. I did. It felt good even though the painting was meh.

10) I think out loud. Just like when I told a few kids Santa isn't real. Of course, an accident. And when I told a new mom that her baby's arm looks like a baguette. That was not an accident, that was an observation. But you see?

11) People are both the best and the worst thing to happen to you. But they will always surprise you.

12) While I was still 22 years 11 months (WHO GETS THIS REFERENCE?) I took 3 naps in one day. I call it The Bear Day because I only woke up to eat and then resume napping.

13) As hard as it is, keep in touch with people - something I have to work on :P

14) As a 23-year-old, I learned driving but I still can't drive - YEP I KNOW.

15) Salads have great potential to be DELICIOUS. Unlike vegan cheese.

16) Biryani > AJ > Pasta > Other Humans & Other Food. What is an AJ? Allegedly human, but I am still working on figuring that one out for the past 6 years now.

17) And then as much as I'd want certain things to go slower, if they did, we would never have anything to reminisce about or any unknown adventures that would end up changing our lives.

18) When I turned 18, I wore a tiara on my birthday. I don't know why. But I did, for 10 whole minutes.

19) At 19, I found that my amateur hobby photography would actually bloom into a full-fledged passion for filmmaking. I started as a wedding photographer because of free biryani. My #1 dream since I was 13 - see my name as Director in film credits.

20) Briefly worked with a psychologist (dream job 2).

21) I moved to Boston. Best decision of my life.

22) Graduated with masters and a full-time job in Los Angeles. I wasn't ready. It wasn't planned. But YOLO.

23) I still can't "cook" but I have managed to conjure breakfast for 2, eaten by 1 at 3 pm every weekend. So I guess life has turned out to be oddly nice.

23.5) My eternal internal conflict has been resolved. BANGS LOOK GOOD ON ME.