"MAKE HAPPINESS HAPPEN"                                                           -  Panda Express Fortune Cookie.             

Let me tell you a little about myself over take-out on the fire escape.
I promise that it is a lot better than 20-second elevator pitches.

I was born and raised in Bombay, India where I finished my Bachelors in Mass Media and worked in film crews. I then moved to USA to pursue higher education and graduated with a Masters in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising from Emerson College, Boston. I worked as a Marketing Strategist, Content Creator and Associate Event Producer in Los Angeles, California before moving to Manhattan, New York.

My camera is my one true love - it is an extension of my arm. We just click. So when I am not swimming in the world of creative production, I will be found shooting portraits, weddings, travel and Pinterest-y flatlays with coffee, books and breakfast in bed.

Now that you know all about my work and education, let's not forget that I am as cool a person IRL as I am online and here are some fun facts about me -

  • 100% dog person
  • 200% coffee person
  • Biryani is top on my "Favourite Things To Eat" list with pasta being the runner up
  • #TeamEastCoast always (I mean the New York Halal Guys and Boston North End cannolis!)

(I guess you can tell that fun for me is food and dogs.)

So now that you know a little about me through visuals and words, I want to know about you - come say hello!