"MAKE HAPPINESS HAPPEN"   -  Panda Express Fortune Cookie.

Let me tell you a little about myself over take-out on the fire escape.
I promise that it is a lot better than 20-second elevator pitches.

I was born and raised in Mumbai where I worked full-time in film crews while studying Mass Media and Communications. After graduating with a Bachelors in Mass Media, I moved to Boston where I pursued higher education at Emerson College and graduated with a Masters in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising in 2016. I then moved across the country to work as a Marketing Strategist, Content Creator and Event Producer at an experiential marketing agency in Los Angeles. After spending two years on the West Coast, I started to miss the snow (yes, you read that right!) and therefore moved back east to New York where I worked as an Account Manager and Content Strategist at a full-service marketing agency for a year.

In September 2019, I am packed up the last five years to move back and spend some time in Mumbai with my family and expand my knowledge on the Indian market with the skills I picked up in USA. I am currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Ketchum’s Mumbai office where I lead and learn from my team.

My two passions are photography and food - you will always find me with a camera in my hand or several tabs of recipes open on my phone. Be it out in the world or in my kitchen, I am always cooking up something creative! My unique experience of life India and America gives a perfect balance of Eastern and Western flavours to everything I do - be it devising a global marketing strategy or fixing up fusion food, I am proud to represent both cultures through my content and career.

Now that you know all about my work and education, let's not forget that I am as cool a person IRL as I am online and here are some fun facts about me -

  • 100% dog person

  • 200% coffee person

  • I will eat anything if it comes with bread or garlic

  • #TeamEastCoast always

So now that you know a little about me through visuals and words, I want to know about you - come say hello!